Daily Forex Analysis – July 21, 2010

by ForexCycle.com | July 21, 2010 09:24
EURUSD Analysis. EURUSD broke below 1.2871 key support, suggesting that a cycle top has been formed at 1.3028 level on 4-hour chart. Consolidation of uptrend from 1.2150 is expected in a couple of days. Support is at...

Discover The Biggest Threat To Your Money Right Now

by ForexCycle.com | July 20, 2010 08:26
If inflation is a quiet thief, then deflation is an armed burglar. You wouldn’t invite either into your home, yet chances are that one of the two is stealing your money right now.

Daily Forex Analysis – July 20, 2010

by ForexCycle.com | July 20, 2010 08:24
USDCAD Analysis. USDCAD trades in a narrow range between 1.0498 and 1.0581. The price action in the range is more likely consolidation of uptrend from 1.0276. One more rise towards 1.0676 key resistance is still possible later...

Daily Forex Analysis – July 19, 2010

by ForexCycle.com | July 19, 2010 11:41
USDCAD Analysis. USDCAD bounced strongly to as high as 1.0523 last week. Further rise towards 1.0676 previous high is still possible later today, and pullback would more likely be seen before breaking above this level. Key support...

Making Sense of Today’s Choppy Market

by ForexCycle.com | July 17, 2010 08:28
In less than three months, and not even counting the past few days, the Dow has had six big swings averaging more than 1,000 points each — one of them occurred in a single day.

Daily Forex Analysis – July 16, 2010

by ForexCycle.com | July 16, 2010 10:20
USDJPY Analysis. USDJPY broke below 88.00 key support, suggesting that a cycle top has been formed at 89.15 level on 4-hour chart. Now the fall from 89.15 is treated as resumption of downtrend from 92.88 (Jun 4...

Daily Forex Analysis – July 15, 2010

by ForexCycle.com | July 15, 2010 08:17
GBPUSD Analysis. GBPUSD’s rise from 1.4948 extends to as high as 1.5296 level. Further rally is still in favor later today and target would be at 1.5400 area. Initial support is at 1.5180, as long as this...

Daily Forex Analysis – July 14, 2010

by ForexCycle.com | July 14, 2010 10:12
EURUSD Analysis. EURUSD has formed a cycle bottom at 1.2523 level on 4-hour chart. Further rally would more likely be seen later today and next target would be at 1.2800 area. On the downside, the pair is...

The Bear Market and Depression: How Close to the Bottom?

by ForexCycle.com | July 13, 2010 10:50
By Elliott Wave International While many people spend time yearning for the financial markets to turn back up, a rare few have looked back in time to compare historical markets with the current situation — and then...

Daily Forex Analysis – July 13, 2010

by ForexCycle.com | July 13, 2010 10:45
GBPUSD Analysis. GBPUSD broke below the rising price channel on 4-hour chart and reached as low as 1.4948 level, suggesting lengthier consolidation of uptrend from 1.4346 is underway. Rang trading between 1.4873 and 1.5240 is expected in...