Free Online Video: Deflation is Winning. Are You?

Our friends at Elliott Wave International (EWI) have just released a free 20-minute video that challenges the mainstream consensus on inflation with a chart-packed presentation. EWI Chief Analyst Steven Hochberg presents a compelling case for deflation so that you can prepare yourself for this less publicized market scenario.

Hochberg and his colleagues, including famed financial forecaster Robert Prechter, were among the first to predict the financial tsunami responsible for washing out millions of investors. Prechter and Hochberg identified the 2005 real estate top in real time. They anticipated the huge declines we’ve seen since in stocks, crude oil, metals and agricultural commodities. They even warned their subscribers about the "sharp and scary rebound that began in March 2009. But what many people don’t know is, they also helped their subscribers survive and prosper during this volatile time.

Don’t follow the popular mainstream consensus on inflation. Protect yourself with independent analysis on deflation.

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