New Independent Investor eBook Has 6 New Chapters!

The old adage says, "you are what you eat," and today we’re offering you a heaping portion of brain food.

At long last, the mainstream media is beginning to question buy-and-hold investing – it’s a myth that EWI’s original Independent Investor eBook debunked years ago. Even the "Efficient Market Hypothesis" has come under fire from the Oracle of Omaha himself – the Independent Investor long ago exposed EMH for the fantasy it is.

Now that the mainstream has finally caught up to these myths, the Independent Investor eBook can once again put you ahead of the herd; you can understand truths today that the mainstream will catch up to someday in the future.

You’ll get the most groundbreaking and eye-opening reports ever published in Elliott Wave International’s 30-year history, PLUS 6 brand-new chapters (43 new pages) of specific analysis, forecasts and commentary that will help you think independently in today’s tumultuous market.

Tens of thousands read the first Independent Investor, but even many of them will miss out on the important new advice the new, greatly expanded eBook imparts. Put yourself ahead of the herd for years to come – get a copy of the new 118-page Independent Investor eBook today.

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