The US Federal Reserve – a Wedding Crasher Trying to Leave YOU with its Bill

Ever heard of a wedding crasher? You know — that distant “cousin” who shows up uninvited, hangs around the open bar all night, chugs down double-everythings and falls on his butt on the dance floor — all before mysteriously vanishing and leaving his night of indulgence on the father of the bride’s tab.

You don’t want to be around when that bill comes due!

Well, as a quasi-government organization with the authority to suck down your hard-earned money through the act of inflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve is “that guy,” and you could be the responsible one left with its bill.

Did you know that the Fed has been inflating the supply of dollars at a stunning 33% annual rate over the past five years? Or that it plans to continue inflating the supply of dollars at least into 2014 and has kept open the possibility that it will do so indefinitely?

When the Fed’s party is over, who do you think will be left with the bill?

Not the Wall Street bankers! We’ve learned that lesson already.

It’s Main Street investors like you who get the bill.

But you can protect yourself — though your window of safety is closing rapidly.

Robert Prechter, market forecaster and leading opponent of the Federal Reserve, has just released a report that that will help you understand the risks of deflation that most mainstream sources cannot see because they are blinded by decades of inflationary Fed policy.

At just 8 pages, "How to Protect Your Money When the U.S. Debt Bill Comes Due" is a quick read — well worth any independent investor’s time.

Follow this link to download your free deflation-protection report now >>

P.S. There’s no obligation besides filling out a short form that tells Prechter’s firm where to send your free report.

About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International
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