An urgent new resource from market technician Bob Prechter

On Tuesday afternoon (April 23), Robert Prechter, a famed market technician known for calling the roaring bull market of the ’80s, the 1987 crash and the March 2009 stock market low, published an urgent new issue of his Elliott Wave Theorist.

This issue is so powerful — and so urgent — that EWI has unlocked the first two pages for you to read with no obligation to buy.

Every issue of the Theorist provides you with a unique look at tomorrow’s news today. This issue meets that high standard and more. It’s one of the most powerful and revealing issues of the Theorist subscribers will ever read. Now, Prechter is not always right. Unfortunately, no market analyst is. But there’s one thing his readers know for certain: When Prechter revs up his urgency, he sees something big on the horizon.

Due to the timely nature of this issue, EWI cannot make the first two pages available indefinitely, so they’ve set a date of May 8 to end this special promotion — at which time the first two pages will no longer be available for free.

Please follow this link to get instant access to the first two pages of Prechter’s urgent market letter >>

P.S. We don’t always agree with Bob, but we do respect his outlook. This special two-page Theorist is worth your time. Follow this link to read it now.

About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International
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