(Complimentary video) One simple insight that will change the way you invest forever

Some of the greatest problem solvers in history — Albert Einstein, for example — know that the secret to solving complex problems requires simplicity.

Einstein’s simple equation (E = mc²) revolutionized math and science because it offered a single simple solution to so many of the world’s mysteries.

New research from the desk of market technician Robert Prechter reveals that a relatively small (yet growing) group of investors has discovered a universal truth about investing that stands to revolutionize the fields of finance and economics.

Prechter’s insight is simple yet counterintuitive. And in a new 23-minute video presentation called "How Market Losers Think — and How to Stop Doing It," Prechter shares his one simple insight that will change the way you invest forever.

Prechter’s new video is free for a limited time.

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About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International
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