Read this shocking new report: A Gathering Storm Threatens Europe and America

We’re about to share with you a developing social trend from Europe that may shock you — it might even enrage you — so please be forewarned.

A new report from the Socionomics Institute, a U.S.-based think tank that studies developing global trends in social mood, reveals a striking resemblance between modern-day Greece and pre-WWII Germany.

  • Nazi salutes.
  • Praise for Adolf Hitler
  • Swastika-like banners

Now, before you write off this warning as a run-of-the-mill, Nazi-name-dropping scare tactic, consider this: A rising political party known as Golden Dawn is resurrecting such practices, all hallmarks of Hitler’s Third Reich, in modern-day Greece, which has suffered a dramatic, 88% stock market decline over the past five years — a decline far greater than that of Germany’s 73% stock rout from 1927 to 1932.

"History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme," goes an old saying attributed to American author Mark Twain. And new research from the Socionomics Institute sees a disturbing pattern of rhymes between modern-day Greece and pre-WWII Germany.

To be sure, market and political developments in Greece will have a significant impact on the future of Europe, the Americas and beyond.

Read the rest the Institute’s new February report to learn more about the developing threats out of Greece. The full report is available for free for this month only as part of a special promotion run by the Institute in conjunction with its partners at Elliott Wave International, the world’s largest market forecasting firm.

>> Follow this link to read more about the negative social mood wave washing over Europe in the full February issue of The Socionomist (a $19 value) – for free this month only.

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