Want to Know Who’s Going to Be President? Ask the Stock Market

by ForexCycle.com | February 17, 2012 03:35
By Elliott Wave International What’s the biggest influence on the outcome of presidential elections? Many observers would identify the role of campaign spending by super PACs, a candidate’s debate performance, and, of course, the health of the...

Daily Forex Analysis – February 17, 2012

by ForexCycle.com | February 17, 2012 03:27
USDCAD Analysis. After touching 1.0038 resistance, USDCAD dropped from 1.0050, suggesting that lengthier consolidation of the downtrend from 1.0318 is underway. Deeper decline to test 0.9925 support would likely be seen later today, a breakdown below this...

A Two-Bar Pattern that Points to Trade Setups

by ForexCycle.com | February 16, 2012 02:35
By Elliott Wave International Some people like to get outside on the weekends, maybe playing tennis or working in the yard. Some people like to visit their friends or cook a big meal or go out to...

Daily Forex Analysis – February 16, 2012

by ForexCycle.com | February 16, 2012 02:34
USDCAD Analysis. USDCAD stays in a trading range between 0.9925 and 1.0038, Key resistance is at 1.0038, as long as this level holds, the price action in the trading range is treated as consolidation of downtrend from1.0318,...

Daily Forex Analysis – February 15, 2012

by ForexCycle.com | February 15, 2012 02:00
USDCHF Analysis. USDCHF’s bounce from 0.9088 extended to as high as 0.9228. Further rise to test 0.9262 key resistance is expected later today, a break above this level will indicate that the downtrend from 0.9594 had completed...

Daily Forex Analysis – February 14, 2012

by ForexCycle.com | February 14, 2012 02:28
USDCAD Analysis. After breaking above the upper line of the price channel on 4-hour chart, USDCAD pulled back from 1.0038. Range trading between 0.9925 and 1.0038 would likely be seen in a couple of days. As long...

Daily Forex Analysis – February 13, 2012

by ForexCycle.com | February 13, 2012 02:02
USDCHF Analysis. USDCHF has formed a cycle bottom at 0.9088 on 4-hour chart. Range trading between 0.9088 and 0.9262 would likely be seen in a couple of days. Key resistance is at 0.9262, as long as this...

Daily Forex Analysis – February 10, 2012

by ForexCycle.com | February 10, 2012 02:09
USDCAD Analysis. USDCAD is in downtrend from 1.0318, the price action from 0.9926 is treated as consolidation of downtrend. Resistance is now at the upper border of the price channel on 4-hour chart, as long as the...

Learn How to Apply Fibonacci Retracements to Your Trading

by ForexCycle.com | February 9, 2012 03:17
By Elliott Wave International Elliott waves often correct in terms of Fibonacci ratios. The following article, adapted from the eBook How You Can Use Fibonacci to Improve Your Trading, explains what you can expect when a market...

Do Low Interest Rates Power Stocks Higher?

by ForexCycle.com | February 9, 2012 03:04
By Elliott Wave International Back in the day, one of the first things I "learned" about investing was that low or declining interest rates are good for stock prices.